We support the education sector in the Puntland State of Somalia. NI sponsors

    •  Vocational schools that offer various basic and technical skills.
    •  Elementary schools,
    • Middle Schools
    • High Schools

throughout the State with trainings such as after school activities, sociological mental health test, providing solar for reading, youth/women empowerment and employment opportunities.

UNICEF Somalia
Education Strategy Note
2018-2020 Source:

Inequitable access to education services. Despite marginal increases in both NER and GER across the states, inequity of access remains a major issue, thus fuelling vulnerability of children, adolescents and young people which contributes to social exclusion, social and political risks, and the propensity for ‘negative coping behaviours’ and exploitation of children and adolescents. Those most disadvantaged are socially excluded children from urban poor, pastoralist, and IDP communities (including returnees), and particularly poorer adolescents and youth.

Rural and nomadic communities. Urban residents consistently have the best education indicators while rural nomadic and pastoralist populations the worst, particularly girls. Barriers include: lack of educational infrastructure including schools; insufficient numbers of teachers in rural areas; lack of learning materials and supplies; distance to schools; as well as a curriculum that is poorly aligned to the cultural and economic needs of most nomadic and pastoral communities.

Moreover, the calendar and schedule of formal schooling is not adapted to nomadic lifestyles. For centuries, nomadic people educated their children through traditional indigenous sources, passing on from generation to generation the socio-cultural and economic knowledge required to pursue their traditional occupations. This underscores the ongoing need to further develop quality alternative basic education programmes for this population, which are flexible, relevant and tailored to their lifestyle and aspirations, while meeting the standards of the national curriculum.